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Boundless Awareness Immersion - nondual tantra & awakening 20.-21.4. 


Ecstatic Dance Ceremony with live music 20.4.


Intimacv Immersion - NVC and Tantra for Couples 29.6.24 - 30.6.24 

Intimacy Immerson
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We all want to be happy, and many factors go into a happy and fulfilled life. For most of us, the most important one is the quality of our loving connections. Relationships are a foundation to rising up to our full potential, relaxing into being who we are and experiencing joy, pleasure and fulfilment.

In this connecting weekend workshop, we will explore the ingredients of intimacy and conscious relating. “By day”, with Nonviolent Communication to improve the empathy and honesty we share, and “by night” with conscious sexuality to discover the elements of creating a sacred erotic dimension of loving.

One of the main struggles in our intimate relationships is deep, effective communication. Couple relationships are a space for exploring trust, joy and pleasure, but also for meeting and integrating our attachment wounds and those areas of our life we haven't yet brought into the light of loving awareness. We are offering this safe space for couples to support deepening of connection, both in moments of difficulty as well as in beautiful times. Close friends wanting to learn together are also welcome.

The approaches we will explore are:

From Nonviolent Communication:

Self-Awareness with NVC
Embodied empathy
Scary Honesty
Anger processing
Embodied emotional release
Guilt and shame processing

From Tantra:

Elements of Sacred Sexuality
Principles of Conscious Relating


There will be no sexual practices in this workshops, those are left for homework. If you join the workshop as a single with a close friend, we trust that you can feel comfortable to engage in the methods together with your friend.


Saturday 29.6.24 - Sunday 30.6.24

Saturday: 10.00 - 19.00
Sunday 10.00 - 19.00

We will have a lunch break on Sat and Sun for one hour, during which you can eat your own food or dine in any of the nearby restaurants.

We still reserve the right to small amend in the schedule.


Joogakoulu Shanti


Early Bird until 1.5.2024: 290€/person
Regular Price: 360€/person



Mironel de Wilde & Gloria Salo

Mironel is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and an RYT200 certified yoga teacher. He has studied and practiced various forms of spiritual and personal growth since he was a teenager in the 1990’s and committed to yoga as a spiritual path in 2001. He began teaching yoga in 2004 and has trained and taught across Europe, Asia and North America. His first contact with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2014 changed his life perspective. He has been living and sharing NVC since then and continues to study in depth with some of the most experienced and innovative NVC trainers in the world.
Mironel strives to live in full authenticity, compassion and empowerment.

He is now based in Nepal working to train trainers for NVC in schools, mediation and counselling. He comes to Europe for special occasions such as this offering!
He is also a film-maker and you can see more of his offerings, articles and films at

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