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Gloria has a passion to assist the awakening of consciousness and liberation from mind created suffering. She has committed her life to the in-depth study of western psychology and therapy, as well as the ancient eastern traditions of yoga and tantra.


In her twenties she stayed abroad and lived in an ashram near one of her teachers to study and practice meditation, yoga, tantra and self-inquiry. She graduated from various yoga- and tantra teacher trainings and has been working as a yoga and meditation facilitator ever since.


In her thirties she graduated with Masters of Social Sciences from Helsinki University, majoring in Social Psychology. She combined psychological studies with her personal experience, struggles and insights in meditation and wrote her Master Thesis on Mindfulness. She then moved into studying non-violent communication (NVC), Living Compassion and cognitive therapy. 


Currently she  shares the wisdom of the traditions and her life experience through retreats, courses and therapy work.

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Retreats are a profound and powerful way to immerse yourself in


Somatic awareness

Yoga and movement

Awareness cultivation and meditation

Embodied and authentic relating

Emotional alchemy and integration

Sacred ceremonies and rituals


At the retreats we combine the wisdom from the East and West to deep dive in spiritual, therapeutic and ceremonial work in a safe and supported environment.


These retreats connect you with a beautiful community and offer a break from everyday life in a beautiful and serene nature. Well-being, integration and awakening are supported holistically from healthy and ethical nourishment to profound teachings and practices.


Upcoming retreats and events:

Sacred Renewal Retreat 18.9. - 22.9.

Awakened Heart Weekend Immersion 12. - 13.10.

Embodied Release Retreat - Movement, Breath, Connection 13.11. -17.11.



The methodology is intuitive and spontaneously arising from the needs of the present moment. The approach is empathetic, embodied, non-hierarchical and trauma sensitive. 


The methodology is driven from:


  • Modern, science-based cognitive therapy

  • Mindfulness based therapy

  • Living compassion (NVC)

  • Constructive communication (NVC)

  • Nondual view



It is important to value your commitment to therapy before starting. Therapy is transformative inner work that is supported by willingness to meet discomfort and to learn to hold all emotions and needs with loving care. 


You are supported to reconnect with authenticity and radical self-compassion, and to release restrictive self images and harmful patterns of thinking and feeling. Therapy isa a way to rediscover the truth of your being: that which is already present and free, waiting to be embodied.


The therapy sessions can be personalized for your needs. We can meet face to face or through zoom.


Sessions can be done individually or as couples.



80€/ 60 min

(sis. alv 24%)


phone: +358407393874


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