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Luminous Presence Retreat 1. - 4.12. 

Welcome to a unique tantrik immersion in the heart of magical Lapland in the beginning of December! This retreat offers a beautiful opportunity to explore the vibrating silence and splendor of our true nature.

There are moments when we savor a felt sense of inconceivable mystery. It is as if we participate with every cell of our being to an all-pervading luminous network of life, one with its pulsing aliveness. In such moments, the limited narratives about our life and our self dissolve into pure being, astonishing in its simplicity and radiant power. We sense with absolute clarity that what we are in our deepest core is something infinitely vast, unborn, undying, and unwounded. This recognition is like coming home.

Luminous Presence Retreat is an invitation to respond to the silent call from our depths and relax into undivided beingness. It is an intentionally created sacred container to explore embodied presence and play, empowered by contemplative tantrik practices. The haunting otherworldly beauty of the Lapland kaamos provides a perfect setting for this journey.

This invitation includes:
*Natural grounded presence through intimacy with the whole of your experience
*Awareness cultivation from nondual tantrik tradition
*Rejuvenating embodiment practices: yoga and somatics
*Unique magic and power of the nature of Lapland
*Sacred ceremonial work & ecstatic dance
*Authentic sharing
*Relaxation, sauna, avanto and “palju” under the stars (and if we are lucky) Northern Lights
*Accommodation in gorgeous, traditional guesthouse Loihtua reserved just for us



⊹ Step into nondual view and perception of Reality
⊹ Learn simple and powerful practices to abide in your essence nature and access it’s innate joy, freedom and innocence
⊹ Shift your perspective from conditioned patterns to the underlying truth of your being
⊹ Embrace unconditional openness: surrender to the fierce grace of your life
⊹ Remember what is truly important!
⊹ Attune with spontaneous flow and intuitive insight
⊹ Increase your capacity to stay centered & connected, no matter how life unfolds
⊹ Directly experience the inherent unity and interconnectedness of existence


“Just as waves arise from water, undulating flames from fire, and light-rays from the sun, the various kinds of waves of the universe arise from that which I AM - the awe inspiring power of Consciousness.”
| Vijnana Bhairava Tantra 110



This retreat is a synthesis of the modalities of nondual tantra that we found most powerful on our own journeys when it comes to actualizing the goal of the path known as bodhi (awakeness).

The lineage of shaiva tantra is the main source of liberating insight and inspiration for this retreat that we have both been studying and practicing in depth. Christopher Hareesh Wallis is a teacher of ours from this tradition whose work on the original texts has made these teachings accessible for a vast amount of people in our time.

As facilitators we draw from our background in various forms of yoga, tantra, meditation, inquiry, nondual therapy, dance, movement, somatics, trauma-informed therapy and nonviolent communication (NVC).



No previous background in tantra or awareness cultivation is needed. If you feel like on the verge of taking the next step on your awakening journey, this retreat offers various tools and insight to navigate the process, as well as space for authentic sharing with fellow practitioners. This doesn't mean you have to have a practice background. In fact, if this endeavour is something completely new for you to explore, there is the favorable benefit of a fresh beginning. Open mind and curiosity are the only requirements. Wonder is a gateway to grace.


If you feel called to join us, register by reaching out to Gloria via E-mail ( or phone (+358407393874)


This retreat is held in the traditional LOIHTUA guest house in the full nature and magic of Lapland, Levi. The house has a warm, cosy, homy feeling with views of the open landscape of winter wonderland, huskies and Northern Lights. For pictures of the venue and different room options, please visit the page:


* Early Bird until 3rd October: 530€

* Standard price after 1st of October: 610€